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Sat. Freq. / Pol CH. Name SCR EPG - Nilesat | Visit

Mar 5, 2016 ... Frist TV Tunisia. ON. 119. Alistiqama. ON. 120. Jil Algerie. ON. 121. HALA Jordan . ON. 122. Hona Baghdad. ON. 123. Echourouk benna TV. ON.

CH. Name EDUC1 Azaal TV Test L Film Arabic L Film - Nilesat | Visit

Nov 6, 2014 ... OFF 116. SARAYA TV. OFF 117. IBN TV. OFF 118. Dzair 24. OFF 119. Dijlah TV. OFF 120. ELKHABAR KBC Algeria. ON. 121. Echourouk TV.

ALGERIA 2014 Human Rights Report - US Department of State | Visit

Echourouk Television, in front of the Benyoucef-Benkhedda College for being present at a rally protesting against President Bouteflika's candidacy. Benzita.

ALGERIA 2013 Human Rights Report - US Department of State | Visit

Mar 4, 2014 ... television station Echourouk broadcast an interview with a detainee filmed with a hidden camera in violation of prison regulations. AI reiterated ...

Download Country Report (PDF 232 KB) - Transformation Index 2016 | Visit

Jan 20, 2014 ... Three independent broadcasters, Echourouk TV, Ennahar TV and. El Djazaïr TV, were authorized by the government in 2011 prior to the ...


Guide des tarifs - Bouygues Telecom | Visit

Welle, D8, D8 HD, D17, D17 HD, Demain, Disney Channel, Disney Channel HD, Disney Channel +1, Dog TV, Echourouk TV, Ennahar TV, Equidia.

U nited N ations Commitee on the Elimination of racial discrimination | Visit

Arab newspapers such as Ennahar , El-Jadid and Echourouk express amazighophobie their hatred of everything Amazigh impunity. - The TV channel public ...